She came back, thought she had it all planned out
Went to marry some guy she had talked about
A tear in a dress and a tear in her eye
And just like that her whole life flashed by
Bet you won’t remember what you said last night
That if you ever needed someone to pick up the pieces in your life..

My mom keeps telling me to be hard. Be hard, Kira, because the world is hard.

But what if I don’t want to be hard? What if I’ve been pretending to be hard my whole life but secretly have no idea how to? What if I don’t want to live a life without consequence, what if i want to be reckless with my heart, what if I want to tell my friends that yes, I am fucking glad you’re in my life, even though no one else will say that, and what if I want to leave you a voicemail at 3 in the morning even though you might not ever listen to it and all I can think about is how terribly I smell like puke and I have a drunk Bangladeshi on my couch and how kailey tastes like bud light and cigarettes and you taste like happiness? What if I told you that I’m nowhere fucking close to perfect, and neither are you, but that my fatal flaw and my best quality is that I will always care? What if I told you that I cost my store 800 dollars last week, not because I don’t know how to measure the seg height in a progressive lens, but because the girl was wearing your perfume and I couldn’t fucking breathe? What do I do when you showed me how to be soft for three years?