Let’s get started
The faint and broken hearted
Hold it up, I’ve got something I cannot hide
The worst painkiller, all in filler
The part and departed look in my eyes

It’s sad, how far you ran
I’ll search this land
Up through the clouds then back here
We could reiginite
Like fireflies
Like an atom bomb at all hours

I’m empty like the day after Christmas
Swept beneath the wave of your goodbye
You left me on the day after Christmas
There’s nothing left to say and so goodnight

And your hands were like birds as they flew from the coop
Up my back they would climb just as I came unglued

She said
If you break my heart then I’ll change your mind
And I will do it again
If you play the part then I will play mine
And I will do it again
If we miss the mark if we hold on tight
We’ll be there to try it again

Nineteen as we roll across the bedroom floor
Your eyes they cannot lie as you’re dreaming of our future home
And the kids are growing up as you and I we are growing old
What a crazy world
Pretty little girl

In the rain with the drink from the back of the bar
I would raise up my voice, you would raise it up more
We’d forget that our lives being apart it is hard
We’d thought we were close but it still feels far
Can we learn to get by if we learn to have scars
If we learn to forgive and accept who we are?